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It takes a great team to run for the state Legislature. I have been blessed with an awesome group of volunteers that have come together in this effort. Thank you to our parade teams in Hemlock and Perry on September 19, to our volunteer group at the Ducks Unlimited dinner in Durand, to Brian BeGole for sharing his booth at Perryfest and to my campaign manager Ciera for her attendance at events on my behalf in recent weeks. We’re working every day to engage residents and to earn your trust as I seek to serve you in state office. Write me at buy Fincar online made in america if you’d like a free campaign shirt or to be kept updated about future volunteer events!

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It was a rainy parade for sure, but the people were very kind as we interacted in Ovid! Thank you to our volunteers and to Stephanie Johnson for the use of her beautiful Mustang—we may not have had a carriage, but we certainly brought some horses!