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We had a great time in Morrice for the Homecoming Festival Parade. The weather was absolutely perfect. Thank you especially to Joe Ocenasek for driving his historic Ford Mustang with our team.

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Thank you to the Michigan Association of Police Organizations for their endorsement. Despite difficult economic years and budget pressures, Owosso has continued to maintain our full time 24/7 police department and the service levels our residents expect. I look forward to advocating for strong public safety models in communities across Michigan as your state representative.

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Ben 2016 Farm Bureau Endorsement

Thank you to the farmers of Shiawassee and Saginaw Counties for their confidence!


Owosso Mayor Ben Frederick has received the endorsement of Michigan Farm Bureau’s AgriPac “Friends of Agriculture” Committee in his campaign for 85th District State Representative. The endorsement was announced on June 10th and follows candidate interviews with local farmers in both Shiawassee and Saginaw Counties, who then made the recommendation to the state organization.

“I am very proud to have the support of local agricultural leaders as I seek to represent them in Lansing,” Frederick said. “There is work to do in promoting agriculture in our schools through strong agricultural science and technology programs as part of an overall reinvigoration of the skilled trades. Given Michigan’s terrific agricultural diversity, we also need to explore initiatives which boost our agricultural processing sector so that higher value products can be produced right here.”

“I have known since my childhood visits to my grandparents’ dairy farm that our farmers are the best possible stewards of land and livestock,” Frederick continued. “They deserve both respect and consideration and I will always seek their input first when policies come about that affect their livelihood.”

Frederick has served as mayor of Owosso since 2009 and has been a member of the Shiawassee County Farm Bureau for more than 12 years. He is seeking the Republican nomination in the August 2nd primary election for the 85th House District, which encompasses Shiawassee County and southern and western portions of Saginaw County. Frederick resides in Owosso with his wife and two children.