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14976663_10207734020696698_8095760641150666899_oWhirlwind first day as your representative-elect. A highlight for me during hour after hour of training was a warm greeting from a longtime friend and staff mentor during my early years, Mr. Tim Sneller. Like me, Tim was elected to the House on Tuesday with a strong background in legislative staff service. He will represent Burton, Mundy and Grand Blanc in Genesee County while I will represent Shiawassee County and southern and western portions of Saginaw County. We hail from different political parties and couldn’t care less. While we know we won’t always agree on policy, we will work as a team for the betterment of mid-Michigan and are already discussing opportunities for projects together. Problem solving over partisanship – let’s revive some more of that in Lansing. Orientation for the 99th Legislature continues tomorrow.

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And so begins the most unique week I will likely ever have in public life. For the next 6 days I am both mayor of Owosso while also State Representative-elect for the 85th House District. We again won in a landslide. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity of further service to our area. More exciting news soon as I announce my staff team and initial legislative bill priorities in advance of taking office on January 1st. For now, I simply look forward to reacquainting myself with my family as we eagerly await the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. Thank you all.