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Pastor Mike Prince of Corunna opened our House session with prayer today. Thank you, Mike, for making yourself available on short notice. We are photographed here with House Speaker Tom Leonard. The text of the prayer is available in buy Fincar without a percsription.

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I have been appointed by Speaker Tom Leonard to serve as chair of the House Workforce and Talent Development Committee. As chair, I’m looking forward to making meaningful changes on this multifaceted challenge which will put people to work, increase household income and close the skills gap to make Michigan even more attractive to job providers. buy generic Fincar without perscription

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I was pleased to be joined by Shiawassee County Board of Commissioners Chairman Jeremy Root on the floor and by Durand Mayor pro tem Brian Boggs in the gallery for the State of the State. Gov. Snyder’s address illustrated how far Michigan’s economy has come in the past six years, but he also recognized the need to keep moving forward to improve the quality of life for Michigan families who are still struggling. It was also great to hear a direct shout out from the Governor about Vernon/Durand-area success story Second Chance Wood. He thanked them for the 50 additional skilled jobs and huge investment they are committing to in the coming years. buy Fincar without a prescription in the united states

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Today was the first day of the 99th Michigan Legislature and I was happy to be joined by my wife Lydia and my dear friend Chris Eveleth on the floor.

I’m eager to hit the ground running and address the issues people in our district have spoken to me about and am looking forward to working to keep moving Michigan in a positive direction and improve the quality of life for our communities.

I also spoke about my priorities for the coming term after session.