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13584631_601299753380704_5618385973039278641_oThank you to Congressman Moolenaar for his friendship and support!

Congressman John Moolenaar Endorses Ben Frederick for State House

Congressman John Moolenaar (R – Midland) today announced his support for Ben Frederick in the 85th District Republican primary race to succeed term-limited Representative Ben Glardon.

“I have worked with Ben Frederick for more than a decade, and I know him to be a man of integrity and intelligence. I am proud to endorse him to be our next State Representative from the 85th District,” Moolenaar said.

“As mayor of Owosso, Ben has served his community well through years of recession and Michigan’s emerging recovery,” Moolenaar continued. “He has worked diligently over many years on pro-growth economic policies and volunteer efforts which have helped to spur the comeback Shiawassee and Saginaw counties are now seeing.”

“Ben will work diligently for mid-Michigan and will make a great advocate in the Legislature.”

Frederick has served as mayor of Owosso since 2009 is is seeking the Republican nomination in the August 2nd primary election for the 85th House District, which encompasses Shiawassee County and southern and western portions of Saginaw County. He resides in Owosso with his wife and two children.