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And so begins the most unique week I will likely ever have in public life. For the next 6 days I am both mayor of Owosso while also State Representative-elect for the 85th House District. We again won in a landslide. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity of further service to our area. More exciting news soon as I announce my staff team and initial legislative bill priorities in advance of taking office on January 1st. For now, I simply look forward to reacquainting myself with my family as we eagerly await the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. Thank you all.




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Great turnout at my hog roast at Hinterman Farms! Thank you to hosts Mark and Shannon Hinterman for opening their farm to us, to co hosts Commissioner Jeremy Root and Commissioner-elect Brandon Marks for spreading the word and to Mr. Carl Rossman for splitting the hog pen purchase with me at the county fair.

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Our team enjoyed a fantastic fundraising event in Durand earlier this month at the soon-to-be-opened Union Station Smokehouse.

Thank you to co-hosts Dr. Brian Boggs, Ryan Painter and Jason Hartz for their work in putting together this great event at one of Durand’s future downtown gems.